Kid’s Alternate Age Recollections – Benefits for You and Your Child

The following Benefits have been reported by Parents/Guardians and children alike as a result of applying these techniques.

“This life is just a dream.

It’ll be over in a blink of an eye.

Remember who you are.”


– Lyrics from the song “Remember” by Omkara

Parents/Guardians know their child better

An Alternate Time Recollection sessionopens the child (and Parents/Guardians) up to the vast knowledge contained in the unified field. Since Alternate Time Recollections and meditation both access the Theta brainwave state, , thereby piercing the veil of separation, we can refer to research on meditation. According to scientific researchpublished in The Lancet, “by means of meditation we can glimpse the true reality of a unified field of consciousness. Everything is one, and everything is many – at the very same time and without any contradiction whatsoever”. Parents/Guardians may benefit from an Alternate Time Recollection session with their child,which may help them to more deeply understand and appreciate: 

*their child’s purpose in this life
*the lessons their child learnt in other incarnations
*the origin of cognitive and behavioral (i.e. mental and emotional) issues, including potential traumas from other incarnations
* the source of physical issues(In the case of the child in the Sample Alternate Age Recollection video, skin rashes on the upper abdomen from an early age disappeared after examining a prior time when the child recalled dying from the blast of a bomb)
*their child’s strengths and weaknesses
*how best to support their child


Credit: BlueStarChild.com

After the Alternate Time Recollection session, some Parents/Guardians have made the following observations:

*their child knows themselves better
*their child has become more focused and motivated
*their child has become more confident
*their child has become more creative
*their child has become calmer
*their child has become happier
*there have been improvements in the child’s physical condition
*the child has better relationships with other family members and their friends, and their overall relationship with society and how they fit in

Children know themselves better

Children may benefit from information received in an Alternate Time Recollection which may help them more deeply understand and appreciate themselves as follows:

*they understand where they came from
*they appreciate what they did in other incarnations
*they know the lessons they learnt in other incarnations
*they learn their purpose in this life
*they get along better with other children and adults
*they learn the origin of any of their cognitive and behavioral (i.e. mental and emotional) issues, including potential traumas from other incarnations
*they have a better relationship with themselves, through better self-understanding, self-respect and most importantly self-love
*they understand their strengths and weaknesses, and how to optimally manage themselves to be successful in this life
*they become more imaginative
*they become more artistic, generating drawings and other creations, possibly as a result of the scenes viewed in the Alternate Time Recollection session.
*the child has a better appreciation of how they fit into society in general
*some children wind up having a healthier, more positive perspective on life
*they have less fears and phobias
*the child may become proficient at penetrating Veil of Separation. Some children have begun speaking to trees and animals after their Alternate Time Regression session.

Overall benefits

Both Parents/Guardians and the child may, as a result of the Alternate Time Recollection session enjoy a deeper, closer bond
The Parents/Guardians may know the child better and vice versa
Both Parents/Guardians and the child may have a tendency to become more spiritual. In some instances, children as young as 10 years old begin meditating on their own, for example
Some households have reported their family has become happier, enjoying a higher vibration, in the time after their Alternate Time Recollection session
The child’s friends and their friend’s family members may enjoy a more uplifting family environment as a result of your child’s Alternate Time Recollection session
Unique content may be accessed from the Alternate Time Recollection session. This content has wound up in books and may even be made into movies.

(Note: it cannot be proven that any of these reported benefits are necessarily be a result of the Alternate Time Recollection session, and may simply be a concurrent event).