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My wife and I, as Parents, love our children very much, just as we believe you do, dear reader. Like the Parents/Guardians reading this page, we take a great interest in our children’s well-being.

Since they were born, we had wanted the best education for them, but had found traditional education options wanting. Although home-schooling was always an option, my health situation precluded such an activity (read more here) and so we enrolled the children in the local school.

Over time, we became increasingly dissatisfied with the educational system. Although the teachers were fantastic, the administrators restricted the breadth of the curriculum. We sought to further stimulate our children’s imagination and remove the limiting beliefs imposed by the education system.

I was always a seeker of the truth, and due to my own personal health challenges, I became interested in using hypnotherapy for healing as another ‘system’, this time the healthcare system, had failed me. In the beginning I was fascinated by near death experiences and the spontaneous recollections of past lives in young children, and I studied these topics. Later I would advance my hypnotherapy studies and became a QHHT Level 2 practitioner (Note: the techniques described on www.kidsregressions.com are not QHHT techniques; QHHT is generally designed for people 16/17 and older). Both before and during my time as a QHHT practitioner, I was also facilitating access to past life information for young children, using techniques I developed myself.

I would like to share these techniques, in case the visitor to this website would like to explore the other lifetimes of their child/children, as I did.

I invite you to review the information on this website and let me know if you have any further questions.

Our children are our future, let’s give them the best possible shot at an optimal life that you can.

With All The Love In My Heart,

David Taylor

Stargate of Golden Age
Credit: BlueStarChild.com