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Alternate Age Recollections in Children

A few years ago, over coffee with a friend, I asked something I’d been wondering for awhile: “Can I trigger the recollection of another lifetime in my child?” The reply was swift and cutting: “No!! It’s dangerous, you could traumatize the child!”

Really?? Is it that simple to dismiss the idea of our children being incarnated in other times? Couldn’t this be something a Parent/Guardian and child might be interested in finding more about? I just wasn’t convinced!
I suppose it should have been easier to cave into traditional fears about children recalling living in other ages, but as a former ‘extremely-left-brained’ finance guy trying to exercise his ‘pea-sized’ right brain, I couldn’t understand the resistance, it seemed too ‘left-brained’, even for me.

(the recollection of another lifetime: releasing memories of an incarnation occurring in another moment)

Note: This is Not QHHT Hypnotherapy

While the topics presented may not be favorable to all visitors, we note that open-minded individuals from even the most conservative faiths have developed an interest in Alternate Age Recollections in Children.

Furthermore, we understand and appreciate that certain children may have traumas, phobias and fears that require professional attention. Kids Regressions does not purport to remedy those situations. We cannot guarantee the content on Kwww.kidsregressions.com will not trigger traumas, phobias and fears in children, just in the same way putting your child in school doesn’t guarantee they won’t be bullied and entering your child into competitive sports doesn’t guarantee they won’t be subject to mental, physical and emotional abuse.

If this risk concerns you, perhaps this content isn’t for you without the consent of your family physician. If, however, you understand that life has risks, and you are willing to take responsibility, as Parent/Guardian of your child, for those risks, then we invite you to read on and join us on this wonderful journey, an active exploration into your children’s Alternate Age Recollections, with all the empowerment it entails.

As an adult who busted my butt to learn Japanese, I was both in awe and a bit jealous when my kids picked up Japanese so naturally, seemingly without effort. On Monday we’d drop them off for the first time at an elementary school in Japan, only speaking English. On Friday they’d be chatting in Japanese with classmates. Later, studying hypnotherapy, I learnt about the different brainwave states. I learnt how the minds of young children are in a predominantly ‘Theta’ brainwave state, the same state we adults may struggle to get into when learning meditation, for example.

In hypnotherapy I learnt that the Theta brainwave state was also used by adults to recall living in other ages. I began to study how children’s recollections of living in alternate ages has occurred.

Kids Regressions offers a natural technique where Parents/Guardians can actively trigger an Alternate Age Recollection in their children. Similar to a spontaneous recollection, the role of the Parent/Guardian is to aid the child in feeling comfortable prior to the session. Our Complete Alternate Age Recollection Package includes all the techniques we have developed and used successfully ourselves. There are guidelines for assessing and preparing your child. There are tips for Parents/Guardians on preparing themselves also. There are two induction scripts, which are used to guide the child to as deep a Theta brainwave state as possible. One induction script has slightly more advanced language, for older children. The other script has language easier for younger children.
Then there are guidelines for follow-up after the session so the Parent/Guardian can continue to support the child in integrating the information from the session.

The information may come out all at once, and may need to be extracted over time. Sometimes there will be people from the current life that show up in the alternate life, it may be the Mother or Father, siblings, friends or other relatives.
This has been an amazing journey for our family and we created this website and it’s content so that others may have the same opportunity.

Disclaimer: The creators of this website provide this information for entertainment and informational purposes only. While some of us are hynotists, we aren’t licensed counselors, or child psychologists. This content is only for use by a childunder the direct supervision of the child’s Parent/Guardian

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